Summer 2023 recap!

Hey all! Looks like the city is becoming more active and summer is ending!!

So what? Let’s reminisce and talk about what we did and where we went! I’d personally love to learn more about cool things to do next summer (or maybe find out about what’s coming up!)

Did you roadtrip? Tour the state as a vendor? Stay close and build a canoe? I know some of us must have a few stories to share!

Here’s one from:

I finally visited the Upper Peninsula, but only because I drove across Mackinac Bridge for the first time since I was here! It was fun to see the bridge, the island, and get away from work and be a tourist for a weekend. Ended up getting obsessed with the butterflies there! I never did get to ride a tandem bike like I wanted to though… ran out of time!

Here’s a photo (well two!)