Strategic Planning meeting. Next Board meeting?

Is the Strategic Planning Committee meeting listed on the calendar for tonight (5/17/23) on Zoom? If so, is it open to the membership for observing?

When is the next Board meeting? (None is listed on the calendar for May.)

Hi @rgstokstad, the next board meeting is on May 24. It looks like the recurring event had an end date of last month on it. I’ve fixed that so the monthly board meetings should appear on the calendar now. Thanks for pointing that out!

I’m putting together the board meeting agenda and will make a post when it’s ready (likely today or tomorrow). It’ll for sure include committee updates if you’re wondering they’re up to. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to hop in and say I’m still working on this. Most of the agenda is ready but we’re having some discussion about meeting on Zoom because we got Zoom bombed a few times last month. :confused:

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