Stepping Down from Education

Hi all. This is just a quick post to let people know I am stepping down soon from my role as Education Director. My partner and I are moving back to NYC over the summer, and I want to pass on the role well before then so I can focus my attention on the move.

I will stay in my role until February, and I’ll still be active at the space until I leave. I think Brian Adams and I already have someone who can take over the position (I’ll let them announce it if they like).

Thank you to all our teachers and volunteers for the time, dedication, and patience they’ve put into developing classes. And thank you to the community of LMN for many years of conversation, camaraderie, and passing on knowledge. I’m not saying goodbye yet, but this is as good a time as any to let you know how much I’ve appreciated you.


Matt, I’m sorry to see you go. But excited for you that you get to go back to The City. Best of luck!

How wonderful & exciting for you & your partner! Vic had mentioned something about this to me. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you & appreciate all your help & patience in coordinating classes, along w/ posting them on EventBrite. You’ll be missed, for sure!