Station Proposals: Summer How-to Holiday (due 4/13)

Hey all!


Here is the skinny:

This Saturday, June 18th we will be putting on our first “Summer How-to Holiday”. This event is intended to be similar to the How-to Holiday that takes place in November, only with a summery theme instead.

This is primarily a fundraising event. For those unfamiliar, tickets are sold per-station, at $20 each station. Generally, we have around 6-8 stations each. Stations will be “Make-and-take” style, so participants will walk away with something they had a hand in creating.

Past stations have included blacksmithed ornaments, glassware etching, pewter casting, and more. Participants should feel that they are walking away with something cool, though again, this is a fundraising event. The cost or quality of the material involved may not necessarily reflect the cost of entry, as we are trying to create margins to help keep the space running.

Station leads should plan for at least 50 guests to participate in their station over a period of 6 hours. Please keep this in mind when considering time-to-make and how many guests can participate simultaneously. Up to $250 may be spent on materials for a station. Expect to have 1-2 volunteers to assist you with your station.


Please email me at OR message me on the talk site with the following information by April 13th:

  • Short description of your make-and-take station idea (ideally with a summer-y theme)
  • List of tools required
  • List of tools you will be able to provide
  • List of materials required, with quantities and total cost
  • Links to where materials may be purchased online

Proposals will be considered by the staff and area managers and chosen on April 14th. If proposals are submitted close to the deadline and do not include all necessary information, there is a possibility they may not be considered.

Please reach out if you have any questions!

And let’s get this makerspace :money_with_wings: some :money_mouth_face: money :moneybag: !!

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I’m not sure what it will be, but I’ll plan to do a station.


I’ll mull around some ideas and toss one in the hat.

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I would love to help someone with a station

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Not necessarily a pay station, but setting up an “I’m a Maker” photo frame photo booth with the LMN logo on it might be a fun addition that could be used at other promo location’s…just spitballin


I’ve submitted mine and am excited to be involved!


Haven’t gotten very many formal submissions, though it seems many are interested in running a station.

In order to adequately promote this event, it’s super important that we get planning ASAP. It takes time to order materials, create promotional material, and advertise. I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to leave potential revenue for the space on the table.

If you have an idea for a station and are interested in running it, please be sure to submit it by the deadline, and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks all!

I’m willing to take the lead on a screen printing Tshirt station. I’d want to purchase rubber and laser cut a few different designs, make a table mounted press, and buy speedball paint to roll on the vinyl.

Would mount vinyl pieces to the press with velcro

I’ll work on getting mine in this weekend

Blacksmithing is going to do mobiles/wind chimes. I need to workout a prototype, but that’s the project. I could use help… At least 2 helpers would be good, but if I could count on 3 or 4 I could do a nicer project.

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I will be there to assist the day of the event. Do you need help with prep beforehand?

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We were talking last week about projects for the craft area, knitting and crocheting can be time consuming, but we could make some little mini-project kits that people can take with them and maybe just get them started.

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I won’t be able to help with the How-to Holiday event, but needle felting may be a good option. The materials are fairly cheap and it is fairly quick to do on the smaller scale.

Jimmy, I left the new and improved prototype of the smoke grinder/trammel of Archimedes/do-nothing machine at the front desk. If you like it, I envision the station having the components all cut out ahead of time, and people would assemble them on the spot.

I’d need the following items:
-3-4 screw drivers

I’d guesstimate the materials would cost about $50-60 to make about 50 of these.

Two things -

This would take some time to cut out and prep the materials. A volunteer to help with this would be appreciated.

I will not be here that day, so I’d need someone to run the station. These are easy to assemble. The job doesn’t need any technical or woodworking skills.

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