Squaring Corner Chisel

I’ve used a squaring corner chisel in the space before but I couldn’t find it earlier and was wondering if anyone has seen it.

When I last saw it, it was in the back in storage. May have been put there because of missing parts.
I have also been wanting to use some mortising bits.

Are you talking about a power tool like a small counter top drill press, with a round bit housed in a square cage arrangement with sharp edges? If so, I think it’s in the wood shop, behind the panel saw, near the overhead door.

I think the squaring chisel of which you speak might still be on the bottom shelf of the moveable chisel and file rack… it’s in a small cardboard box. If you’re talking about a mortising machine, we had one up and running and located to the left of the panel saw against the wall; however, I tried it the other day and it seems the switch is broken on it. There is another mortising machine in the storage area on a shelf, but I have no idea of it’s serviceability.