Spring Potluck Sunday, April 30th at 5:00pm

Hi all,

It’s time for our spring potluck! It will be on Sunday April 30th at 5:00pm. Here’s a link to the sign up sheet. There is also a sign up sheet on the fridge in the break room. We are thinking of setting up tables in the space next to the jewelry area for seating and having the food set up in the break room since we had such an amazing turn out for the last potluck. If anyone else has suggestions, let us know!



There are 5 people on the google docs signup sheet so far. If you’re thinking about this, sign up! The food last time was great.


Planning on being there - but not sure what is on my menu yet!

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Dibs on the oven if it’s not already spoken for :grin:

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I will attempt to make it. I’ve been moving tools, equipment, armor, and other stuff today, so it’s whether I can move my arms and legs…