Spring Cookout?

When spring does finally show up, I think we should should do a members spring cookout.

Is anyone else interested in doing this once the weather is nice?


I am in support of a Spring cookout/get-together. @zimmer62 , you thinking sometime in May?

May is probably best, we should have some nice weather by then. I’m thinking we could do a bit of a pot-luck style for side dishes.

We should totally do this. It would be nice to get together and enjoy some social time. Let me know how I can help!

Maybe next week we can have a quick meeting with some people who would like to volunteer to make this happen (Sounds like Me, Melody, and Brian so far)

I think picking a date, time and getting some supplies before the day of is really all we need to do. I don’t mind grilling, and or picking up some of the stuff but I’d prefer to have a good list of everything that’s needed so the store trips can be less painful.

I think getting the info out to members and getting a head count / organizing people is where I need help.

Nothing I enjoy more than grilling with charcoal. I can contribute in any and every way!

Are you still planning on having a cookout?

I would love to, this month came up on me really fast. I’m in the process of buying a different house and packing, so my time is fairly limited to do the planning.

Yeah, this month few for me as well. @zimmer62 - is June a better option?