Spray booth status?

At one time, someone set up a spray booth. Recently, I overheard this mentioned during a tour to a prospective member as a selling point. I would like to use the spray booth. How do we proceed?

is spray booth the foam thing in a wood frame in storage?

That would be the thing.

Ah. from what I heard, you set it near an exit and it has a fan in it which can help vent it. not exactly sure though

This is correct. It is the “foam thing in a wood frame in storage”.

If you want to use it:

  1. open a door (either the small door or garage).
  2. unfold the hood (3 panels with hinges) so the fan points outside
  3. put the “lid” on top
  4. spray
  5. put it away

At some point, we need to:

  1. design and build a new paint hood that will store flat and where the lid is easier to install
    a) I think this should be on wheels and stored against the wall next to the small door so that one person can set up the hood with minimal effort.
  2. come up with an SOP
  3. come up with some rules about what can and cannot be used in the paint hood.

You should also run a fan outside the booth wall by the filter, directing air out the garage or man door. You should have the door open only a couple of feet. Please protect the floor from your finish and stick to safe finishes. Also, use a respirator when spraying.

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