Space search criteria

The board is looking to identify needs in a new space. For context, our current lease is up in February of 2019. While we will certainly investigate options for extending the lease, there seems to be a consensus that our needs may have grown beyond the current space.

We’d love input on what members would like to see in a new space. Many of you have probably also heard of a space we’re currently working on a proposal for— that project is still ongoing, but in the interest of due dillegence (and not to put all of our eggs in one basket) it’s important that we investigate our options.

Please feel free to suggest additions to the below items. Also, if you’re interested in participating on the team that will be leading this effort, please let me know (and specifically how you’d like to help).


  • Increase in available sqft (currently 5500)
  • Separation between areas (doors and walls) for sound and dust control
  • Located in city of Lansing (or another municipality that would have the resources to support the organizations growth in meaningful ways)
  • ADA accessibility (required by many funders)
  • Located within easy access to freeways (many of our members travel up to about 20 minutes to come to the space)
  • Located near public transit (ideal for increasing student involvement in the space)
  • Appropriate power availability (3 phase, 220v a plus)
  • Zoned appropriately for our use.
  • Loading door access (big equipment, materials access)
  • adequate parking
  • Safe location
  • heat and COOL

Additional ideal features

  • ventilation for paining, welding, jewelry, etc
  • easy outside route for external dust collection

Other thoughts ?

Adequate heating and cooling.
Adequate parking.
Ventilation for painting

This is probably a pipe dream but I would very much like to have at least one coal/charcoal forge and the adequate ventilation for it/them in a new space.

Appreciate the thought (and duly filed away) but let’s focus this discussion around what a building would need rather than equipment we’d like to have (we’re not going to go looking for a building that already contains a coal forge).

Are there any qualities we’d need in a building to support that (besides the ventilation already mentioned)?

Storage capabilities beyond the current ability? Rentable storage space or enough for members to store larger projects when needed.

Very useful point. This is definitely on our radar and one of the reasons we’re looking to increase our available sqft.

I am working on creating a Site Requirements. Working materials are located at

I love the drawing of the current space usage. It makes me long even more for walls :slight_smile:

We need space that we can rent out on short term/long term time frame for guys that are working on new product start ups. Also personal storage areas.

I ran into a issue with long print time parts on the 3d printer, i cant do them. Lets fix this, fire proof area?.

Outside dust colection in all areas so dust is not all over the place.

A real class room.

Are you envisioning office space for this ?

Rest rooms would probably be popular. Ladies and mens two-holers would be nice but not a deal breaker (or 4 singles).
A wash basin outside the restrooms would also be nice but not essential.
Car bay (or two) with grease pit and lift.
I’ll second the real, quiet, classroom (or two).
Food opportunities an easy walk away.

I have created “2018 LMN Site Search.docx” as draft a of a requirement. This document is preliminary. It is not intended to be externally shared. However, there are no secrets. That said I tried to be effectively detailed. In other words. there is not a lot of descriptions but a lot of criteria. That may or may not be needed by Site Searchers. Where I am trying to ensure that all details are covered. If I am missing any please let me know and I can simply add it.

That said the numbers are derived from our current space utilization, rounded up and simply doubled, as to provide a minimum starting point.

FYI, section 4 still has some original names from the document used as a template.

Thanks very much for taking the time to go into such detail with everything.

The remnant has been removed.

Below is draft of the LEAP for filled out based on the prior requirements.
Any comments, corrections and or suggestions, before we send it in?

I have created the following spread sheet with information about prospective locations
2019 Space Search Prospects