Sourcing New Chairs

Howdy folks,

We need chairs. The consensus is that they should be “not shitty”. We need someone, anyone, to figure out where they should come from and what they should look like.

The parameters: We want them to be office-style chairs, at normal height (not bar height, like the front desk has) and adjustable. We want them to have backs, and wheels. Ideally these chairs will be the same model. (information here is subject to change)

The numbers: We’ll need 6 for the front office / design lab. Probably another 10 for the conference room. 1 for 3D printing. And then even more, probably. Keep this in mind when considering. (information here also subject to change)

This is pretty important, as the comfort of every member and volunteer is at stake. Please do some looking around, and share any suggestions you have as a response down below.

Thank you!

Are we looking for brand new chairs or more along the lines of office closeout sale?

The answer is we’re looking for… affordable chairs that are in good condition?

This is the most promising relatively local office closeout bulk chair listing that I could find. There are 22 on hand now, seller is not open to a volume discount, and does not recall the make and model offhand. They will check if we are interested.

Price seems a little high for a volume used chair purchase, but this is a start.

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MSU Surplus has some nice ones, at $50.00ea. Height adjustable, good condition.

Note that while it looks like half of them are upside down, we can fix that easily, and they would all be right side up in actual use.


I showed this thread to @brian.adams and he said if we can get someone to haul them from Battle Creek this may be the kind of chair upgrade we’re looking for.

Just a lurker. But I signed in specifically to <3 this. It’s a rough day and this was a good laugh. Thanks

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I can haul the chairs whenever we decide to move forward with a purchase. Just let me know when and i can bring truck and trailer.

Bonus points to anyone that successfully sits in the upside down chair

Would you be up for a ride to Battle Creek if I call and the chairs are still available? :eyes:

Sure thing just let me know what day

@Jimmy FYI chairs:

Anyone have a truck they could bring to pick up a couple arm chairs? Comfy knitting chairs maybe?

Sigh the armchairs were gone so I didn’t go

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