Some notes on front desk volunteery things


Couple of items to clarify, if any of this doesn’t jive with your experience or you think there’s a better way, by all means lets discuss!

  1. Group passes are here! There is a new SOP describing the process. It’s pretty straight-forward, but it might be a good idea to glance through it before a group pass holder walks in the door.

  2. There was a question recently about keyfobs for new Full Access members. We’ve generally been enabling new members ID Cards for access (click the toggle when attaching the ID card). If someone really wants a keyfob, that’s fine (while supplies last… which they will for quite some time… ) Using the ID card as a door fob has the added benefit of helping ensure that members remember to bring their ID.

  3. When a member has a key-holding membership attached, the door system will automatically add the RFID marked for access control (within a couple of minutes). Be sure to check that the number is correct when attaching the card, or the door system won’t work. Also note that only one of the member’s attached RFID’s can be enabled on the door system at a time.

  4. Completed membership applications should be filed in the top drawer of the file cabinet. There is a folder for each letter of last name, just drop the completed form, with ID photocopy and waiver (if not done digitally) attached. Don’t worry about alphabetizing them inside each file folder. These forms have sensitive info on them (address, birthdate, etc), and they shouldn’t be left sitting out on the desk.

  5. Also, note at the bottom of the membership application is a space to indicate who completed the orientation for the member. Please try and remember to fill this out. (I’ll be making the orientation a badge in the future so that its explicitly recorded as being done.)

  6. Shift leaders, please make sure the file cabinet is locked at the end of the night. Again, sensitive information is inside.

  7. Shift leaders, please keep an eye on the drop box to see if the light is lit. If it is, the key is on the same ring as the file cabinet and cash drawer (it’s that mystery third key). Process any checks in there and make sure the button is pressed again to turn the light off. (This needs to be added to the opening SOP if someone could do that, it’d be swell.)

  8. At the end of a night, please try and remember to checkout all members who are checked in. If they get checked out the next day, the system knows and doesn’t record the checkout time, so we don’t get session length data from those members.