Solar panels. Lots of them

Brent Morse has generously offered to donate a ton of unused small solar panels.

GE Energy GEPV-001-LCA - 004
Rated Power: 1.25 Watts
Rated Voltage: 13.0 Volts
Open Circuit Voltage: 16.0 Volts
Rated Current: 0.09 Amps
Short Circuit Current: 0.10 Amps
Photovoltaic module rated at 1000 W / m2
Solar irradiance and 25 Deg C Cell Temperature

We could do some sort of make and take, either class, science fair, maker faire…
Here’s one idea when searching for the part number:

He said there may be 400+ solar cells, I can happily store them at my storage unit until we find a use for them.

Anyone have any cool ideas… preferably not the kind that involves us building a giant panel to try and save $8 a month on electricity?

But after 100 years we’d have saved $9,600 dollars in electricity… :slight_smile:

Love the idea.

I’ve dropped off some of these panels to play with. I think I have over 450 of them. If you have an idea, please submit it here.

Brent suggested a birdhouse with a solar roof

I like the make-n-take idea, especially since there was talk of maker faire projects not that long ago.

What about something light-up and yard ornament-ish - maybe a wooden stake and “backboard” with a mounted mason jar light? I don’t know how hard it would be to rig the light to the solar cell, but there are a lot of clever folk here.

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