Small Metal Lathe Checkout Request

Hello all! I’m new to the space and will be in later today to do my initial checkout and walk through.

I’m interested in being checked out for the small metal lathe in the back corner and I’m available pretty much anytime in the coming week.

Welcome to the space! I hope you enjoyed your tour

@RealCarlRaymond and @Charles.Little , which one of you usually does the small metal lathe checkouts?

Im also interested in joining in the checkout!



Hi Daniel and Moonrod,

I can run a small lathe checkout session on Thursday, April 6, at 6:30, for you both and anyone else interested. This will cover the tooling we have for it, what you can do with it.

Reply here if you’ll be coming so I’ll know to expect you.

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I’m interested in joining this checkout!

I’d like to join the checkout too!

I’ll jump on this too!

I’ll see you all there

I plan on being there

I will attempt to be there.

That works for me, thank you!