Skinning MegOperation

So we were just talking about How-to-Halloween and cool project ideas, and the idea of re-skining Mego for the event came up. It would be super easy to CNC out another top that could just be laid over top of the current graphics. Something like a zombie operation guy or a skeleton operation guy maybe?

I’d totally be willing to cut another top skin for someone to paint up as a Halloween themed Mego if someone were interested in taking it on.

Any artistic folks interested? (Or do you know someone who would want to do it?)

I’m sorta necroing this topic but, since it was mentioned to me a couple days ago for multiple holidays, I think it’s still relevant…

What are the parameters on the art? Stuff like:
Image usage limits (I.E. creative commons, and other “copyright” levels). The original skin is copyrighted and that seems to be OK by us so do we need to worry about avoiding that in other skins or are we trying to switch to only images LMN can “own”?
What are the dimensions of the image? If we used the CNC to make the original skin, can we provide a template of a sorts so an artist can be sure the holes fall within the shape?
Do we have any"priority" themes, like for events tied to holidays we often participate in?

Eh, it’s not something we’re super fond of (the copyright issue). I think we’d like to stick to original works, or works that are creative commons (or similar permissive licenses)

@michael asked me to create a template too, and huzzah, template is below! It’s 100% scale. I’m happy to provide it in other formats for anyone who’s looking to take a stab at it.

Mego Cutouts NEW.pdf (60.9 KB)

Well, here’s one. It started as a Creative Commons image from but has been heavily edited. I have a copy of the PDF with the template still preserved in a layer too if that would of value (it was just to large of a file to upload).

Santa.pdf (968.5 KB)

Depending on how it lays out with the template for the cutouts that could be cool.

@michael how did you envision choosing a skin to work on next to work?

Let me re-cap the Project.

Member Challenge - New LMN Art for Mega-Operation 2.0

Create new and original artwork for the skin of Mega-Operation 2.0. The objective is to have several different skins for different activities and or seasons. As such multiple entries may be selected for use.

Example: Santa Claus (X-Mas) , Turkey (Thanks Giving), Easter Bunny, Mummy or Skeleton (Halloween) , Uncle Sam (4th of July) etc… Your imagination is the limit.

Submit either hand-drawn prints or digital versions of your original art drawn on top of the following PDF – Mega Operation Outline. This is a printable PDF to scale of Mega 2.0’s none movable objects; outlines, including borders, nose and bone holes. LMN can scan drawings of entries (if needed) and then plot the outlines of the entries on to new removable layer. Then participants can finish painting the new Skin, based on the outlines.

Upon request the PDF may be supplied as different file formats.

In response to Brian’s question. With the holiday season just about on top of us, it would be great to get some entries that are relevant. Whereas, I would welcome any and all entries for future use. Longer the lead time the better.

I frequently compared the image against the template using the layers in Photoshop and it looks good to my eye but if it is off, I can adjust it to make it work as needed.

I just want to be absolutely clear on what the requirements are here. Above, Brian mentioned that creative commons or public domain artwork would be acceptable to use. Your re-cap specifically states “new and original”. Please clarify which of these guidelines we should follow. The artwork I submitted is licensed Creative Commons and thus we are allowed to use, copy, distribute, and edit it as we wish and I have edited it heavily. However, it is NOT something I created entirely myself and thus it is not “new and original”. I am a so-so artist when it comes to truly original creations and it’s actually faster for me to search for and massively edit an image than to create on from scratch. So, before I try to work on any more images, I just want to be sure I know what is needed.

Are we doing a Thanksgiving event that it would be used in or just a Christmas event? What other holiday based events do we usually participate in or are realistically considering?