Should We Make a Sign for the Building?

So I was looking for ideas about what to make for the demonstration of the NewCNC machine on April 12, and @Lex suggested we might need a sign out front to better identify the building. Well we have 1/2 a sheet of 15lb SignFoam which is manufactured for that purpose.

I mocked one up in photoshop with the width matching the widest part of the foam we have. It seems that there is a limit of 10sqft without a permit from the city (please correct me if I’m misinterpreting the ordinances) and this one is about 7sqft. What does everyone think of the idea?

I could probably get 2 out of the sheet (practice would be nice before the demo) and the machining time should be 20-30min with a few tool changes.

Some things that might be needed and maybe we already have:

  • Exterior primer
  • Exterior paint: black, white, and red
  • Wide masking film like stencil vinyl or something
  • Wood stringers for mounting?
  • Tapcon screws for mounting
  • Help with painting

This sounds like a great idea, and I’d like to help if there is the need. I think we need something a little more eye-catching so that people can find us.

One caution though - we may want to check with the landlord before we start drilling holes in the outside walls.

I love it so much, and am happy to procure the paint and help with painting. We’ve got some stencil vinyl in the fab room that I’ll grab as well.

@brian.adams could you confirm that the landlord will be okay with this modification?

I dig this! Would a sign above the door where the triangular roof peaks be more visible? Tipping the square logo onto a corner so it’s diamond-shaped may look pretty sweet too.

I thought about this too. It seems like the trees might obscure that area in the summer. Also, this spot on the wall is lit by a recessed light right above it so the sign would be visible at night. Interestingly, Fluid Chillers had their sign in the same spot, with another small logo sign above the door like you suggested.

@Tony any ideas for a better design? I don’t have a great eye for this sort of thing. I just copied and pasted our logo.

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I think this is a great design. And if Fluid Chillers had their sign there, the landlord probably won’t object. There may already be holes there we can use as well.

As for your design question - I’m not familiar with SignFoam. I assume it’s some sort of foam product - lightweight, rot resistant, easy to machine? How durable is it? Would a strong wind break it, or could birds peck at it? (I ask because apparently woodpeckers are boring holes in the siding of my barn. Grrrr…)

Can the foam be fastened directly to the wall? If not, I’d probably mount a rectangle of treated 2x4s on the wall, and fasten the sign to that. Or mount just a few small blocks of wood, and fasten the sign to that. This would give the illusion of the sign floating an inch or so off the wall.

It’s just a rigid foam meant to last outdoors and be easily machined and painted. Here is a brochure: SF4-brochure-readerspread.pdf (678.9 KB) I’ve read you can machine it as fast as your CNC will move in some cases.

They recommend drilling holes with countersinks in the foam and using screws to attach it directly to a wall. The countersinks can then be filled with spackle and painted. I could program in some screw locations. I think your idea about it floating a little bit if it is attached to some wood pieces would be nice too, but the wall is likely flat enought that we could skip that step if we wanted to.

I’d say look at the wall and see what remains of the former sign, then go from there. Either floating or flat would work - I’m not strongly inclined to either. We have some talented and creative people, and we could probably come up with several options (backlighting, anyone?) But at the end of the day, they probably aren’t necessary.

I just see where there were holes that they patched and painted over.

Any other input from LMN leadership on this idea? @brian.adams @RealCarlRaymond @jody @cafwood

If no objection, I can move forward with the design/programming. As Tony mentioned, I assume we would want to run it by the building owners. My plan at the moment would be to use 4-6 Tapcon screws into the cinder blocks on that portion of the front wall.

Great idea!! I love it…& agree, it’s very much needed!