Sewing room check out

Hi @Evelyn I am looking to be checked out in the sewing room, do you know if someone would be able to help me anytime over the upcoming weekends during open hours? Thank you in advance.

Hi @JFenton !
What tools are your interested in? The only thing requiring a checkout is the long arm, and @Lex and I are working on the SOP

Hi @evellyn, thank you for responding so quickly! No I was currently just interested in the sewing machines but and new to LMN so was unsure on how the checkout process worked. Thank you!

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I’m usually in Sunday evenings, but I’m moving this weekend. There’s often a group of people in there Sunday evenings, and a few are comfortable You’re welcome to come in and ask for insight on the machines
If that doesn’t work for you, we can schedule a time next weekend!