Sewing help? For adding a collar to a shirt

I can sort of sew, but I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me sew a collar on a shirt

Trying to pull off this look

With this shirt as a starting point

It’s probably just a one time use costume so I could probably just hot glue it on, but if someone has the time to help me with either some pointers or sewing help I’d really appreciate it.

Lay the shirt out so that the collar is flat as possible (maybe even iron it flat).
Put a sheet of paper under it and trace around the edge, then take a pin and poke through the seam (where it connects to the rest of the shirt).
Remove the paper and add 5/8" or 1/2" to the line, drawing a new, larger line. That is your seam allowance.
Add either the same amount to the pin poked line, if you want the blue cloth end at the pin line, then add what you added before; if you want the blue to go farther down, then add more.
Cut one or two pieces depending on the following.
If you just want the blue to show on top of the collar, then wrap the seam allowance around the collar and stitch. You only need one piece.
If you want blue on both sides of the collar, cut two pieces and sew them together at the line where you added the seam allowance. Turn it inside out and put around the shirt collar. You can put a few stitches in to secure the blue on.
Be prepared to start over again. Although this is kind of straight forward, something will always go a bit odd and demand a redo.

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Thanks, I’m going to give this a shot…