Send me your cutting board photos!

I’m putting together some sponsored posts about the upcoming cutting board classes to try and get some more students signed up and I’d love to put together a collage of boards made at the space. Does anyone have some photos they could post for this purpose?

@mlbmichigan ? @Andy ? @zimmer62 ?

Anyone else ? Post them here or if they’re too big shoot me an email.

Since the one I did is a different style than the ones the class covers, do you want some photos of it? (Happy to provide but I don’t know if it’s useful.)

I’ve shared an icloud album with you. Have at it.

I’ll take anything you’re willing to throw at me.

Here’s the one @RayKurtis did.

This end grain cutting board was made with red maple , oak, and walnut, with oak pegs.

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Nice! I really like the first one but I suspect that if I had that, I’d be playing Tetris with my cheese. :yum:

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Thanks everyone (and those who sent me photos via email or share)!

Brian - I took a couple more of Margo’s creations if you want to use them in the future.