Seeking Volunteers: Maker's Material Market

Hey all,

We are getting closer to the event here at LMN on May 27th! To run it smoothly, we are looking for some more volunteers able to work that day. Shifts are from 10am-2pm and 2pm-7pm (but let me know if you can’t work that full time).

Open positions are:

  • LMN sales booth and info table
  • Rover (walk around, answer questions, help lost visitors)
  • Front Desk (answer questions, sell memberships, give tours)
  • Helping run the crafts make n take (will involve using the heat press)

Thanks to all of the folks that have already signed up to volunteer, I’ll be in touch with you to confirm this week!

I’d be happy to help out if I can. I’m a new member and just submitted a volunteer application. I’d prefer the afternoon shift, but can do morning if needed.

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Thanks so much! I’ll put you on the afternoon list.

Here is the current volunteer schedule for May 27th:

Please note that these are for the times that things are scheduled to start. If you are able to show up early or stay late, we’ll have plenty to do.
Food will be provided, starting around 1pm.

If you see something that should change, want to see your name on the list, etc, please let me know!

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@Arialia @RealCarlRaymond @Jtempkin @Bwil415 @BrianBaldwin @JeremyL @Rossi.Bossi

I will plan to do some lathe work each hour starting at noon until 5pm. I will also be in on the 26th to do some setup and area prep.

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Sounds good, Lex! Were you able to find the container w/ the prepared copper discs?

I just found it tonight, but there are only 20 disks, and none have holes and all look like they need some finishing work.

They were with the punch and die set as well, so we tried cutting out some more, but the punch is pretty well damaged and we only got two done.

I am thinking of just buying some already cut at this point. Is that a feasible solution?

I’m going to send you a private messaged

Wait, no doughnuts? Doughnuts…

Thank you to everyone that showed up!
That task list was 2 pages long, and you knocked the entire thing out in 2 hours. The event would not have happened without you.

Brought in the pylons and chains this morning.
Also set up the ladder and photographed more of the space.