Seeking help on a sewing project

Hi folks. I am new to the platform and glad to have found it. I am curious if I can connect with someone for a few sew adjustments on a project I have? Appreciate any insight you can share, any recommendations or if you feel like you can do the work, that would be great. Looking forward to hearing back. Thanks

What people will be able to help you with will be greatly dependent on the kind of help you need.
What can you tell about your project or the adjustments you need?

Hey Frank!
Glad to hear you’ve joined! Usually on fridays we have an open-sew night, and you can bring your project in and ask for advice. I won’t make it this week, but I’ll be free next friday so stop by between 4 and 7pm.

Thanks so much for your note, sorry for the delay in getting back.

I have a large bag that I am working on and I need to sew a few handles (8-12 handles) to the bag and backpack buckles/clips (6 buckles) to fasten it closed.

Where is the space located???

The address is 2730 Alpha Access St.
Lansing, MI 48910.
You come in via Pennsylvania, but have to get there from the south due to construction.

How heavy is your fabric and strap material?

Thank Gary.

The outer material is a memory fabric and the inner lining is cotton/polyester fabric. The handles are nylon or polyester webbing (unsure).

The straps with buckles are not heavy at all. Similar to what is used for a backpack.