Second Woodshop Check Out

Hello! I was checked out on the table saw and miter saw. I’m looking for a second check out on the planer.

I’d be interested in a checkout on the planer as well. Is tomorrow afternoon (Sunday, 12/15) available?

Let’s do it Sunday at 2:30. We can cover the jointer and planer.

Hi All!

I’m unable to get to the Makers Space until 3:30pm tomorrow. Is there anyway we could push back the check-out? If not, I completely understand, and will wait for a check-out on a later date.

Update: I’ll catch a jointer/planer checkout in the near future. I don’t need to be immediately checked out on them, so no need to work around my timeframe. Keep the 2:30 checkout time, and I’ll be by in the later afternoon to work with the table/miter saws.


I didn’t see your earlier message until now. We can hold until 3:30 if you can make that. It’s no trouble.