Scrap for tool making

Apologies for the small pile of scrap against the inside wall in the blacksmithing area. I will get that better sorted out when I come in on Thursday. That’s all going to be used for tooling to resupply some of the missing tools we need.


What time do you plan to be there Thursday? I’ll come help you if its not too late in the evening

I’ll be out there around 5:30 if I don’t end up finishing my day job early. I need to make a run home to take care of some pets, but I’ll be out to the LMN after that.

There are the remains of a ramp frame against the wall as well. If any of it would be useful to you, or if you see a way to improve the forge stand by all means have at it

I forgot I have to take my daughter to a school event tonight so I wont be able to make it. @JeremyL I dont know what all you have in your scrap pile but I would request that for the moment you hold off on making any striking tools or hardy tools unless you are super confident about the quality of the steel. I have a plan for replacing those. If you want to make some tongs or some jigs or things like that though that would be awesome!