Satanite for forge door repair

Sorry all, I tore up the inside of the forge door during demos on Saturday trying to fit too big a piece in the forge.

What’s a good place to pick up some satanite refractory to put a new coat on? @Alex @bjadms8

No problem we can fix it. I still have some satinte left. We can mix it up and appy. How did the demo go did you have fun. That what’s important anyway.

Cool, thanks! Yeah, lots of fun - a lot of people were interested in blacksmithing and asking about classes.

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Just recoated the doors with Satanite.
Apply low indirect heat to help cure the Satanite .
Would recommend someone that is forge checked out light the for with no air the propane gage reads 0.2 on outside ring of gage which correlates to 3.0 on the red scale.
Warm up the forge the shut it off , let cool.
We don’t want a moisture pocket to open up under full heat.

Then fire the forge as normal

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What class would you want taught?
If I know how to do the item I can show you how or I would help figure it out.
I have assited many times.

I think I could probably teach a hook class.

If we wanted to do other items I’m not sure what would be a good next step - I can make a fork, but that’s pretty fiddly and time consuming. Maybe a bottle opener?

We can do it. We all start somewhere .
Taked with Heather of jewelry and will make the connection with Holland Anvil and see where it goes.