Safety lights in the shop

Everyone and especially @SpaceForce,

Tonight I added safety lights in the shop space, so that even when the switched lights are all off, we can get around without walking into a table saw or tripping over an anvil. We had one at the old place, and I’ve been meaning to do the same here for a while. Don’t go crazy trying to find the switch to turn them off.

There’s one bulb in each of the shops, which is not a vast amount of light, but is a big improvement over no bulbs. I moved the nightlights we were using into the front rooms, where they’re more useful.

On a related note, I think few people are aware that the lights in the craft room are not on an automatic switch anymore, and haven’t been for a while. Some of the frequent sewers changed it, because the lights would go out when they were sitting and sewing and not moving around. I found the lights on tonight when I arrived. Don’t forget to turn them out at closing time.