Safety glasses might be useful to hospitals

I heard this story on the radio this morning:

The Holt robotics team donated their safety glasses to Sparrow and McLaren. We have a pile on the table. Do we have a hospital contact who can tell us if they’re useful?

I found this, explaining what’s needed. However, it’s not completely clear if they only want everything in unopened packages, or just face masks.

I’m going to bring our glasses over, and see what they want. The article says they do want 3D printed face shields, hand-sewn face masks, and several other things.

For Sparrow, go to Eastern High School, 220 N. Pennsylvania. For McLaren, go to 407 W. Greenlawn, which is off S. Washington.

I dropped off about 65 pairs of safety glasses, and a carton of kid-size glasses. They’ll put them through their sterilization process. I kept out a handful that had writing or glue or other foreign material on them.

I also brought some unopened sanitizing wipes, a box of nitrile gloves, and some N95 mask filters that Tony volunteered. They said it’s all useful.


That’s great Carl. Thanks for the link. I just called Sparrow and quizzed them on the same thing.

From that call, I learned:

  • Sewn face masks are being used over n95 masks to prolong their use.
  • They have to be machine washable.
  • I heard JoAnns is out of elastic. She said some masks are just using fabric ties. She liked the idea of using velcro. (We have a bunch of 1/2" velcro at the space that could be cut down.)
  • When I asked about full clear face shields, she said they are not using them. But they are mentioned in the LSJ article.

Hmm. At the drop off, they sounded positive about face shields.

Okay, I had to describe them. she might have been confused.

Some MSU units are coordinating collection and distribution of this kind of PPE for medical use, with a dropoff point at the Food Processing Innovation Center at 3361 Hulett Road in Okemos.

If you have anything at home you’d like to contribute, or are making masks, this would be the way to get them where they’re needed.

Full details:

I should mention that web page specifically says

Additional requests include:

  • Used safety glasses and goggles
  • 3D-printed generated masks and ventilator parts

There is a contact person for questions: Brian Smith (