Router table issue

I came in to use the router table this morning, but couldn’t get a bit fastened securely in the router. The pin that should lock the shaft in place doesn’t fully engage. I couldnt tighten the collet fully to what i felt was secure. Router bits flying off in random directions seems sub-optimal.

Also, the ring that holds the locking pin is missing 2 of the 3 bolts that secure it in place. I sifted thru the sawdust in the router table, but didn’t find them.

I used the router table last week. I also noticed the missing screws, but didn’t have any issues with tightening the collet with the locking button. You can also tighten it using both wrenches and ignore the button entirely. It looked like the other screw holes were possibly stripped out. I was going to dig around and see if I have some screws that might work, but a heli-coil or similar repair may be required.

I will look at it today to determine what to do with it.