Router table checkout?

I’d like to get checked out on the router table - the one by the planer and the joiner, not the CNC router. I am available this Friday evening after 6:30, or Saturday around noon or 1 or so. If these don’t work, can you suggest some other times?

I think the router table is missing an SOP. We should get in that as part of doing this checkout.

I’ll see about outlining some stuff so we can get photos for the SOP.

I would like a refresh in the router too and also the drill press. avaliable today - the 30th - as well.

Did this end up happening over the weekend? Didn’t see it until now, but I’m also interested in getting checked off on the router/router table and drill press.

This has not happened yet. I’d say, watch this space for further updates.

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I can run a checkout for all interested on the router table after the cutting board class on Saturday. Let’s set it for 3:00pm. The class should be finished up by then, but there’s a small chance it could go longer than that.

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Saturday at 3 works for me. See you then.

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