Router Specs and Bits

Hello friends,

I was working to add some tongue and groove joints to a set of boards I have milled, I had a few questions though. I was looking through the bits and we seem to have a 1/4 inch groove bit, but no complementary tongue bit. Does anyone know if I’m mistaken? Also does the router collet accept 1/2 shanks? If we don’t have a tongue and groove set for 1/4 inch slots I’ll happily buy and donate a set but if we already have them I don’t want to clutter the space with unneeded bits.

Thanks for reading,

We have a rail-and-stile bit set, but it’s a Shaker style, where there’s a slight bevel on one side of the stick cut. It’s this one, I think (or similar):

You could also do plain tongue and groove on the table saw with the dado set. If you’re going to do miles of it, that would be quicker, but it takes some time to set up.

Thanks Carl!
I think I might still get the straight cutting router bits because I want a thin 1/4 inch cut and to practice with the router.