Rough Sawn Hardwood Lumber

I’m looking for business in the Mid-Michigan area that sell rough sawn lumber for a upcoming project. I’m aware of Johnson’s Workbench in Charlotte. Are there any other suppliers in the area that you’d recommend?

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Michigan Barn Wood & Salvage in Mason has a surprising amount in the back. I didn’t see any exotic woods but they otherwise seem to have a good selection.

Armstrong Millworks in Highland,MI. Good selection, very knowledgeable woodworkers that can process the wood any way you want as well.

Thanks for the replies, I’ll have to check them out. I thought there might be a local tree service or urban sawyer in the Lansing area that might be selling boards.

There are some local mills. You may want to check with MSU as well. They mill lumber on campus.

Maple Rapids Lumber Mill deals in rough cut lumber. They seem to be oriented to wholesale clients, but will deal with individuals. They have two facilities, one in Maple Rapids (near St. Johns) and one in Coleman MI, which is about two hours north of Lansing. I purchased some green 10-quarter planks from them last fall, which was for a project for which the green lumber was suitable. The price was favorable. In the spring I drove to Coleman and bought some dried, 5-quarter red oak planks, which I intend to plane, but have not yet. I walked around the place for twenty minutes trying to find someone to talk to; they’re not exactly set up for retail, but they were quite accommodating once I finally found someone. Again, the price was very favorable. Also, I think they will transport lumber from Coleman to Maple Rapids, if requested, so you might not have to drive clear to Coleman. Their web site is

Tom Herdt