Rotary Axis for Laser Cutter?

Last year I tried building a rotary axis for the laser cutter. It “kinda” worked but I wasn’t really happy with my results.

I’m looking at a couple different models


Does anyone have experience with rotary axis attachments on laser cutters that could give any insight? I think the first model might be better for tapered items where there are two different diameters on top and bottom of the item to be engraved.

Is there enough interest that we can lobby for the space to purchase one of them?

I would use a rotary axis if we ended up getting one. I know Joe from TInkrLab over in the Meridian Mall has nearly the same laser cutter we have, and he ended up buying a rotary axis attachment for his. He’s been using it on a regular basis and likes it.

The thing with #2 is that it doesn’t look like it would handle tapered things very well. (Like pint glassss and things like that) unless there’s an adjustment that’s not obvious.

I know we’ve been down the building one road before with limited success, but I thought I’d link to a somewhat recent Russ Sadler video where he went through a design and build for one. (For the record he also has a stepper driven one that he’s shown off before, so I assume there’s a reason he decided to build this one as well.)

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