Reuse recycle ideas wanted for Pallet boards

What would be some more “upscale” projects that we could start doing that us Pallet boards and recycled wood for?

Hit me with your best ideas!

I have seen garden swings, planters, potting tables & trellis - coffee tables, end tables, shelves & chairs - decorations like hearts, pumpkins, trees or triangle shelves - other organizing types of things such as carrying caddies, racks, shelves and wine & glasses rack.

This heart is cool.

Oohhhh, I really like the idea of seasonal art like pumpkins and trees. How comfortable would you be on something like the cnc machine?

Somebody was asking about bee equipment in another thread. Would be relatively easy to make a lot of different equipment with pallet wood.

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That would be me. (I passed along that you might have spare equipment, but it’s up to my friend to contact you about it.) I would not want to make hives out of pallet wood. Too many unknowns that could adversely affect the health of the hive.

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