Resin sanding policies?

Hi! I’m Stephanie, possible soon-to-be member. I make dice, and am looking for a space where I can do some sanding. Are there any policies on resin sanding, and is there a space/area where I would be able to do it? I am completely good with adhering to any/all safety parameters! @cafwood @Heather

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It is my understanding that fully cured epoxy produces only nuisance dust when sanded, which still isn’t great for anyone. You should wear a mask and use our portable air cleaner near your work. If you have a power sander that connects to a vacuum, use that as well. Liquid and uncured epoxy are both not good to breath or get on your skin–similar in that way to most paint thinners or solvents. Best practice would suggest gloves, respirator, and good ventilation when using.

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There is a dust collector, and we are looking at spray booths for painting and such. But mostly be cautious of those around you and cleaning up afterwards:)

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Hi Stephanie!
This is something I’m hoping to get into soon. I would love to pick your brain sometime

Hi, Stephanie! Charlie & Brian have both given good, solid advice. I’ve only worked w/ jewelry grade resin, in the past, & have not needed to sand it. I’m not sure where (in the woodworking area) the dust collector is, but that may be the best area to do your sanding.

Thank you for your consideration of the makers space & asking about safety measures…it means a lot!