Reprogramming your soldering kit 4 digit clock to

Holler if you’d be interested in a class on assembly language programming to learn how to reprogram your soldering kit 4 digit clock into a model train layout clock, alphanumeric multi-dish food timer, stopwatch, lap timer/with average or speed, countdown start, rally clock to hundredths/thousandths of a minute, or whatever would be useful to you.

As currently envisioned the class would meet once a month for about 6 hours each meeting for 4 months with homework assignments in between. You would use an 8051 simulator for development and testing and a programmer that writes the HEX code to the AT89C2051 chips of the clock kit would be available in the makerspace.

if this is the same C51 clock that we had a solder class the other year, I have 5 more pieces with batteries and/or USB supplies. That could be used for this.