Repair Question: Car engine won't turn over

Wow, I’m getting my home repair lessons in spades these past couple of days. I went out to rev my car engine today (attempting a toilet paper and grocery run) and the engine won’t turn over. The starter cranks just fine, but I get that classic car won’t start noise.

Any thoughts on where I begin diagnosing this? Are there home visit car repair people in this world?

Got gas and put a charger on it wait and try it again.

Yeah, the more research I’m doing, the more I think it’s the battery.

Explain the “starter cranks” and “classic car won’t start noise”. Do you just get clicking when you turn the key or does the starter seem to run but not turn over the engine or does the engine turn over but not “fire”?
If you just get clicking, suspect the battery or corroded terminals on the battery.
If the starter turns but the engine doesn’t, there is probably something wrong with the starter solenoid or gear alignment.
If it sounds the way it usually does with the engine turning over well and at normal speed (sounds normal) but it just doesn’t start, it is probably not the battery or starter.
You basically need compression, spark and fuel mixture for a gasoline engine to run, so try to isolate these. If it turns over well, you will get compression, so check fuel and spark.
Consider what could have happened since the last time you used the car.
Good Luck!

I stopped by and gave @Rossi.Bossi a jump start. Not 100% it was the battery/electrical, but one way or another we got it running again so he could take it to the shop. :slight_smile:

Yeah, so we’ve managed to get the battery changed out. It seems to be working fine (and hopefully will continue to do so). Fingers crossed.