Repair Cafe: Recruitment

Another one of our upcoming Friday events is a Repair Cafe. March 22, 6-9pm

Based on this concept: Repair Café - Wikipedia, we will allow visitors to bring in an object in need of some love, and are looking for some more folks that like to fix things. The idea behind this and all of the Friday events is to get the word out about LMN and to draw people in to see what we are on about. Hopefully we get some donations as well.

Skills that I’m hoping to cover:

  • Basic clothing repair
  • Bike repair
  • Small Electronic/very small motor repair
  • 3D printer repair
  • Computer repair
  • Welding
  • Wood repair (think chair, not cabinet)
    If you are interested and skilled in any of these areas, or if you have other kinds of things that you like to fix, reply below or message me directly! <3

I’ve also reached out to a couple of actual coffee-cafes in town to see if any will come and serve drinks that evening. If you have a connection to any, please let me know!


This is an interesting idea. Will you have any idea ahead of time about how many people needing help would be coming in, or what they would like repaired? It would be nice to know if there are say, 3 things in my skill set to fix, vs nothing.

Nice! I need help with the extruder on my 3D printer. If I had any skills at all I’d help fix stuff too. Alas, if it’s more complicated than a hammer I call a pro.

I will try to make it to this. I could hopefully help with 3d printers, bikes, or other mechanical stuff.

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I can repair it if its made of wood and worth repairing. I can also do some bike repairs, but I don’t know how we would have parts.

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Thanks all! Will coordinate with each of you.

@Tony there is indeed going to be a registration form for items, so that we can say yes or no ahead of time, and know what we are getting into.

In fact, I just finished it!
Please let me know if there are any edits that would be useful.


Count me in.

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I will be there. I have done it all and will be available to help wherever needed.

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Hi all. We’ve got a couple more registration spots open, but here are what our visitors say they would like help with.

Object Category
Fan cover Metalshop
Dinning room chairs Wood
Drawer Wood
Laptop Electronics
Phone Electronics
A security camera and a space heater Electronics
Laptop Computer
Glass lamp shade Ceramics/Glass
Vacuum Electronics
Laylas baby doll stroller lost a wheel. She would really like it fixed if possible please Other
a shirt and sweaters, all with holes at the left elbow Clothing/Fabric
Laptop 4 key doesn’t work Computer
Desktop size fan Mechanical
Touch lamp Electronics

I’m emailing the folks with electronics to see if they need to order parts ahead of time. If there are other questions that you’d like me to ask them, please let me know!

@Tony @Bwil415 @cafwood @RealCarlRaymond @jfahner
Quick reminder that this is coming this weekend! I’ve got 17 people signed up for a variety of objects.

If you can, let’s plan on meeting around 5:30 and setting up different stations to help folks as they come in.

See you in a couple of days!

Oops. Im up north, and not sure if I will be there in time.

Are you considering cancelling due to weather?

@tony no problem, I think we have enough folks!

@cafwood It looks like the snow is going to be slowing down this afternoon, so I’m going to keep it on, but please be safe and only come in if you can do so safely!

I will be there this evening.

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