Regarding casting dice

I can’t remember your name, but I have talked to you as you were working on your dice. I have some friends who want to make some dice with inclusions. Please remind me of your name and maybe you can help me get them started in the right direction.

I am also interested in getting into dice making and would love to chat

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Are we talking resin or metal?

I believe it was a resin or plastic cast.

@steph , I am led to believe it was you I spoke to?

Thats me! What questions do you have??

Some friends of mine want to make dice with some fine, granular material within them. I know that you sand yours afterwards, but the dust from the inclusions are nothing you want around. That might mean a pre-cast or something.

That’s the basic idea.

What kind of inclusions are they? I’ve had issues with glitters sinking to the bottom, so it might be something to look out for?

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