Recruiting for Team CB (Cutting Boards)

Here’s an opportunity for some volunteers. This is open to any member as well, not just the volunteer staff.

We’re going to continue offering the cutting board class through the end of the year, every two weeks on Saturdays. Tony and I will be splitting them up, alternating the sessions. We want to build a team of people who can help us run them.

It’s a chance to build your woodshop skills, and help the attendees have a fun and satisfying day in the shop. It also really helps LMN in two ways: it’s a little income, and a little promotion.

You don’t need to be a master woodworker!
You only need some basic skills with the tools. Tony and I can get you trained up ahead of time in that. You can even start by just observing a session if you’re not sure this is for you.

What’s most important is the ability to be a friendly and reassuring presence. I always say there is no mistake you can make in the class that can’t be fixed, and it’s true. If you can embody that attitude, you’re 90% of the way already. (Note: this applies in life outside the woodshop, as well, with the notable exception of parachutes.)

Class Details
In the morning session, we use the jointer and the table saw for rip cuts, getting everything square and parallel. One helper is enough.

In the afternoon, we use the thickness planer, table saw (cross cuts in the sled), drill press, edge sander, routers (hand held and in the table), and the palm sanders.

The job of the instructors is to demonstrate the task, and then supervise as the students use the tools, and help as needed. Often this means floating from one station to another. Two helpers is better in the afternoon.

Now that we have two jointers and planers, we could speed things up if we make use of them, but they’re far apart, so we’d need an extra person to supervise.

It’s not a long-term commitment!
You don’t have to help with every session, and can just do the morning or afternoon if you like. With a pool of helpers, we can rotate everyone around in different combinations.

The next classes are Sep. 9 (Tony) and Sep. 23 (me). The morning half runs from 9:00am to 11:30 or noon (depending on class size / speed), then we have a lunch break for an hour and a half, then resume until 3:00 or 3:30.

If you want to join the team you can reply here or just tell Tony or me personally. If needed, we could meet some evening next week and run everybody through the process.


I’m happy to help whenever I’m free.

I would like to help in both classes (9&23) and would be available for the whole day.

I would be interested as well

I would like to learn, pretty please

Gary, are you available this Saturday 9 September in the morning and afternoon? Lou, can you do the afternoon?

I am available. Please remind me of the start time - isn’t it 9am?

Yes - start time is 9 am. We usually go to about noonish, then take 90 minutes for lunch and glue drying. We usually finish about 3-4. If you get there early, i can run you thru the process ahead of time. I plan to be there by 8:30 if possible.

I’ve actually assisted with both sections before. Just needed the reminder regarding timing.

Yep, afternoon would be ok.

I could help out on either of the Sept 23 sessions.