Recommendations for where to get wood for projects?

Hi All,

Do folks have recommendations on where to get wood for their projects? Is there a particular lumber yard that anyone would recommend?

Thanks in advance.


Johnson’s Workbench I’m Charlotte was where I was sent when asking people and they were on point. Place has lots of options and offers some great services as well.
I’ve been to Michigan Barnwood and Salvage in Mason as well, which is also nice.

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Gilbert’s lumber is right next door!

Gilbert’s lumber was recommended to me recently. He cited “very affordable” wood, and a good selection. It’s just south on pennsylvania with a bright yellow sign.

Great, thanks for the recommendations.


First question…what type of project?

Good question. :slight_smile: I’m thinking of making a coffee table similar to an IKEA Lack but using wood rather then the constructed board that they’re made of.


Michigan barn wood has a lot of larger pieces if you want a single piece table, but Johnson’s has a larger variety of mid to small pieces

Good to know. Thanks :+1:


It depends on what kind of wood you want… Zebra Wood? Paduck? Oak? Pine?

For fancier wood, Johnson’s in Charlotte has been around forever and is where my dad got his wood for his projects (no relation). He even traveled there from Pontiac, after we moved out of Lansing.

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