Recent homebrew: Braggot

Braggot! The combination of honey and grain, mead and beer, is a golden amber-brown. Weighing in at 11.7 ABV, it isn’t for the faint of heart. Lightly effervescent, because I maxed out the yeast.

So, anyone attending the Beer at the Ballpark event tomorrow?


I always wanted to try real honey mead. Looks great!

Mead is interesting. Most of the good commercial mead is distributed in Chicago, why has yet to be adequately explained to me. St. Ambros is one of the better mead makers in Michigan - you can find some at Horrocks. Mead from “the great mead hall” should be avoided at nearly any cost.
I should be making some mead pretty soon. I am happy to lend tips and pointers, and my thoughts regarding weird mead making contraversies.

Thank you so much for the info!
Horrocks is my favorite store, im defiantly going to go there tomorrow and get myself some St. Ambros to try

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