Raspberry Pi demos for The Fledge?

The Fledge invited me to host a demo dight with a Raspberry Pi theme on Tuesday, March 12 at 7 p.m. (two days before Pi Day). I always get nervous that I won’t have enough presenters so I’m looking for more and the demos I’ve seen at LMN have been stunning.

Are any of you interested in showing a short demo of something on a Raspberry Pi?

Oh, and there’ll be free pizza. That’s a kind of pie, right? :joy:

Do you have enough participants for Tues. nite RasPi presenters, if not could present a two year project of time lapse photography on the Grand Traverse Bay. Let me know.


Hi @rzwemer, your project sounds awesome and we’d love to see it. I’ll reserve you a spot!

When should I show up?