Prusa printers for sale

Hey everybody, I’m looking to sell some of my printers. I just don’t have a need to have this many anymore, or the space up keep them.
I’ve got two prusa minis and a prusa mk3s that I’m ready to sell. Low hours on the minis.
Mini 1

Mini 2

I originally paid $910 for the 2 minis. $112 of that was shipping. About $450 per mini with the shipping. Prusas price have gone up soon then. Now, to buy them with the extra print sheet and filament sensor add on I see $480 plus shipping so around $530 each.
I currently have them prices for $350 on FB. But I’d take ($330) now reduced to $300 for a fellow maker. I’d come down more if someone was trying to buy both.

I bought the minis thinking I was going to start selling lithopane picture prints but never really tried. They’re solid printers , way better than a ender in my experience. I had to fix a common problem that minis have, there can be a gap in the hot end between nozzle and PTFE tube.

That’s the only challenge I had with them. Good alternative to the higher priced mk3/s.


The Mk3s I haven’t thought about the price too hard. Not on Facebook yet but I’d probably start my listing for $600. But again I’d take less from one of you. Make an offer of interested.
The hour count is not accurate on the mk3s. I’ve had a long time but I’ve maintenanced it along the way.

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This is VERY tempting…!

Reducing the mini price to $300 each. @Jimmy