PRUSA 3D Printer Checkout 4/27/19 @ 1:00p

Hi all!

Is anyone able to do a checkout for the PRUSA sometime in the next week or two?

Thursday, Saturday & Sunday work best for me, but I’m pretty flexible! :cowboy_hat_face: Also hoping that we could coordinate with others who may want to learn if possible.

Thank you!

I’m also interested in completing a 3D printer checkout. Hopefully we can find a time that works for everyone.

I’m familiar with the Creality Ender 3 (I own one), but would appreciate this as well.

How does Thursday evening work for everyone ? Say 6:00pm?

We’l cover slicing in the design lab and then running the printer. Probably won’t take more than 30-45 minutes.

Yes, this time works well for me!

Cool. Scheduled. If anyone else is able to join, RSVP here, or we can work on another time that works for the rest.

Unfortunately, Thursday won’t work for me. Is there anyone available to complete a checkout Saturday?

How about 1:00pm on Saturday? @Jimmy and I weren’t able to do the checkout on Thursday and he’ll be in for a volunteer shift then.

The only caveat will be if we have visitors one or both of us might have to tend to them unless we get another volunteer available for that shift.

The checkout for the Prusa should be pretty quick. I’d say less than 45 minutes.

That works for me. I’ll plan on 1p on Saturday (4/27). Thank you