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Looks great! I’m a fan of all of this. Thanks for all your work and thoughtfulness for the space.


These are all great ideas to improve the space. I’m most interested in a lapidary area and the variety of classes that can be offered by expanding.
A cleaning+painting initiative can also help improve the appearance of the space. Sliding doors to cover the member strange area might be a big task, but curtains can be added to hide some of the clutter.


Thank you, Vic, for putting this together! I agree that it’s important to have a vision for our space + goals to achieve that vision…both short term & long term goals. I personally, like the area we are currently in. I especially like our proximity to the sinks in the wood shop & bathrooms. It’s something I feel quite strongly about, as having access to water is an important element in metalsmithing; not only for being able to wash our hands, but also for cleaning metal before & after soldering, after pickling & when doing patination. I can also see where having an even larger space would greatly benefit us by providing an efficient space for teaching classes, storage of tools, a larger soldering area w/ multiple soldering stations (vital soldering classes) + good task lighting.

I look forward to discussing this more.

Attached: Floor plan idea, to help guide us.


I would love to see these initiatives implemented!

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