Propane tanks update

Any updates on fresh tanks for the forge?

oh crap! Sorry I have been sick and it slipped my mind. I will get it ordered tomorrow.

No worries. I hope you feel better soon

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Propane has been ordered and should be delivered on Wednesday.

propane was delivered today! happy forging!

3/28: propane is nearly empty if not so already

On it!

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as an update to this, it was supposed to be delivered Wednesday and was not. I intend to call Purity and find out why and I meant to do so already but my mental bandwidth has been pretty taxed lately and I haven’t gotten to it. I will make an effort to call on Monday and see why they didn’t deliver. Very sorry for the delay and thank you all for your patience

Update: Propane was delivered Friday. Thank you for bearing with me on that one! Happy Forging!