Propane Tanks Status

Hello everyone,
In case anyone did not notice, we now have 3 large propane tanks in the space. LMN will be covering the cost of propane and will be taking care of filling the tanks. The extra tank is stored near the member storage area. If you need to change a tank, please put an e (empty) tag on the empty tank. If you notice that two tanks are empty, please let me know here.

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not sure this is the correct place for this but I believe we are out of small propane cylinders for the blowtorch. I looked all over but couldn’t find another one.

We talked about this today and I’ll pick up a torch tank or two next time I shop.

Like most of the things in the shop though, we’ll stock torch propane for ancillary uses, but if someone is doing a large amount of propane torch work on a project, expect to make a trip to Home Depot to replenish the supply on your own ($3.22).

Also as an FYI, the propane torches now live in the flammables cabinet rather than the white cabinet.

I ran a big tank out today. Currently 2 empties on the cart.

Thank you ahead of time :slight_smile:

Before the Monday night classI will have the 2 large tanks refilled.

I worked today and there were 3 empty tanks when I got to the space. I had to unhook the remaining tank and hook it up to the forced air forge.

Not any more 3 tanks have been filled

2 tanks are currently empty.