Propane needed for blacksmithing!

Hey we appear to be all out of propane in blacksmithing. What’s the system for this?

@Clifford_Bohm @bjadms8

There is a full tank on the shelf were someone else put it last I checked, Stored on it’s side wait a couple of hours before using. It shouldn’t matter as the rule is for acetylene gas, but propane is a liquid under pressure.

By the garage door where we store the full and empties

Anyone can have the tanks filled and submit for reimbursement through
LMN Reimbursement Request
The U=Haul on Waverly has been dealing with us for years they can email you the receipt that you can attach to the LMN Reimbursement Request. This the same process fr reimbursement that other area use for LMN consumables and preapproved items.