Processing or pause message

I keep getting this message when I am trying to do something on the laser printer. Even files that used to work are getting this message. What am I doing wrong?
**Affected Tool or Resource:**laser printer rd works
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I’ll take a look when I come in. Which laser printer ? The brother, dell or HP? And which computer are you trying to print from ?

The laser cutter sorry. RD works into the laser cutter

Ahhh. Ok. There’s more to the message that you haven’t included then that will shed more light on the situation. Common error messages:

Frame slop: your job would cause the machine to run out of its bounds. Usual causes: picking the wrong corner as your start point with the head close to an extent or being too close to the extents when doing a scan mode burn (the machine has to over travel your job while scanning. At higher speeds this can be quite a lot of overtravel as the head needs more room to switch direction. )

Machine protected: the machine doesn’t think it’s safe to continue. Usual causes: the water pump isn’t on or the lid isn’t pushed all the way down (check to see that you can hear the switch click).

Did you get to the bottom of this? Was it the lid switch?

Yes. I still am lost with my other files though I can only get my logo to
work right. And of course I dropped my flash drive someplace and I lost
even that file!

Bummer! Hopefully it’ll turn up. When you find it, create a topic and share the file if you like and let’s see if we can help get it working for you.

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