Prettying Up 3D Printing / Vinyl Cutter Room

This room probably has room to improve in both functionality and aesthetic. This post is focusing on decoration.

What are some cool ways we can dress up this room and display what’s possible with these two machines at the same time? If you are interested in looking for ideas and following up to execute them, please post here!

Vinyl Cutting

I saw the below novelty sign on tiktok. Creating a few similar (smaller) novelty signs could really jazz up the room, and provide examples of what’s possible with this tool and be funny at the same time. There are loads of other options, such as replicas of fictional signs, decals for the walls and desks, etc (i think it would be cool to cut a sign blank and design a vinyl cut to make it look as though a sign had melted). If you have ideas, share them here, and let us know what you need to make them possible.

3D Printing

This one should be easy. Trawl tiktok and thingiverse for decorations we could make here. Try to avoid desktop knicknacks (as there are a million of those) and go for a variety if possible. Hanging planters? Unusually large prints? Replicas of geeky artifacts? Keep in mind we don’t want to clutter the room to the point that the tools are challenging to use.

One interesting option would be creating panels for the walls, as shown below. I think this would be really neat, though it could get expensive fast. But that’s what you’re here for! Figure it out if you think its cool too. (I googled “3d print mural” to find this)


Also, this is a room that could use… painted murals! Or even framed pictures. The possibilities are endless here. It would be nice for decor to be themed, but if someone just has a cool paint pattern they want to get out of their system, by all means share your vision here.

I printed some wall tiles as proof of concept. They are printed in vase mode which is fast and uses much less material. I think the quality would be better if they were printed solid but it would take much more filament and time. I will bring these in Sunday. Maybe somebody more artistic could come up with a good way to use these.

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