Powder Coating Room?

Hi all!

I wanted to float the idea of a powder coating space in the shop. Some sort of sealed room with a basic set up, air and safety equipment. For coating metal and hot coating glass. Would this be possible/safe and something other people want?



I would support this, but I would put more into setting up a spray booth. Less turmoil and easier short term goal.
For good powder coating, isn’t it oven cured?

A spray room is the most requested thing that i have heard since joining last year. The biggest issue is the need for someone to take the lead on design and cost estimates

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For oven curing I have a toaster oven we can start with for small parts and maybe upgrade down the line with a donated kitchen electric oven? It just needs to get around 400 F

I would also support a spray room and would be down to help the team making it!

These are interesting ideas. They need to go through area managers and the executive director. I don’t think either a safe, effective, permanent spray booth or a powder coating room is likely to happen in the immediate future. There are places in town that will powder coat small or large projects for you. When you start to plan for a spray booth, please include plans for personal safety, other makers safety, and environmental safety as well as cost of operation including heating costs.