Powder Coating Laser Engraving

Hi Everyone!

Ive been working on this project where I laser etch metal plates, powder coat them, and then use the laser to cure the powder. Its worked before, but since its an odd process I want to check in first before doing it here. I have the MSDS for the powder and a link to the plate; and the equipment to powder coat. (I will do it outside, I have a tent and tarp.) I cant seem to find the MSDS for the plate, but I think it is similar to the black coated laser engraving plates, basically just trophy plate.

Im free anytime during open hours if someone wants to meet in person to make sure its okay to do. Let me know if there is any other materials or info I need to provide.

Powder MSDS

Plate Link



@jody are you able to add you expertise here?

I have a few questions Henry.

Do they make powder coats with different compositions? Mostly without the TGIC (Triglycidyl isocyanurate) which is only 1-5% but considered an acute toxicity for inhalation.

Will the laser at low pressure blow off the powder?

For the plates, it doesn’t include an msds so we don’t know what the black coating is. Is it collodion?

Does anyone have contact info for @mgrossbauer? His OSHA brain might be able to parse this much better.


Hi Jody!

My apologies I did already create one earlier today, I had gotten permission from a volunteer. My bad!

I will call around and see if there are some without TGIC inside. When I did it before there wasn’t any smoke or fumes that I could detect, the powder simply melted on, if that helps!

The laser didnt blow it off.

I cant seem to find an MSDS for the plates, but they are trophy plates that use a modern japaning process. The final plates would have a finished wet plate layer applied to them that the powder would then go on top of. However that layer wont be visibly effected by how low the power of the laser is.

I want to make sure this is as safe as possible so Im free to set up a call if that would help! Ill also be at the building most of the day on 28th if you want to set up a time in person. (I got a full time membership!)

Thank you for your help and research!